Are you ready for Football?

Football Season 2017 is here.

Are you ready for some football?!?!?!?!  It’s that time of year and no matter how you participate it’s a fun one.  Even if you know nothing about the game itself anyone can participate in the fun, excitement and events that follow.  The entertainment factor is what seems to attract the masses and as a hostess, you are ready to get those creative juices flowing.

Chocolate-covered strawberries:

These are my favorite, most people find them to be a real treat, something they don’t have often.  They are easy to make as well and you can do so many unique things with them.  The perfect dessert to eat as a finger food and they keep well overnight.  For an encore, you can inject them with fun flavors for an added treat.


Chocolate covered strawberries footballs
Find more at www.mymommystyle.com


Make your own concession stand:

This is a simple but cute idea and your guest will LOVE it.  All you need is a wall sign (make your own or print some fun ones here).  Then you get to add the simplest of foods to your homemade concession stand.  Put out some pizza, hot dogs, sodas, beer, popcorn, and pickles.  Boom you’re done!

make your own concession stand
Find more at Bubbly Nature Creations


Solo Cup fill-up:

forget the plates, bowls, and extras just use solo cups or a knockoff version for everything. Serving nachos?  Build them in a cup.  Chili?  Solo cup!  During get together’s such as these most people are standing or sitting in a living area not at a table.  This can make it difficult to balance a plate, but a cup, now that’s easy.  And for those of us who plan to have multiple parties they are washable and reusable.

Individual 7 layer dip
Find more at Pink Pistachio by Missy


Make your own photo booth:

This is too easy truly a ton of fun to be had by all.  The dollar store will be your best friend and more fun than you can imagine.  All you need is a green or brown plastic table cloth for a backdrop and lots of cheap but funny football decor.  Let guest get creative and take pictures to last a lifetime.  It’ll be a huge hit.

Make your own photo booth football party
More at www.sportsmomsurvivalguide.com


Have a competition:

football is a competitive sport by nature, so go with that theme and save yourself a ton of time, effort, and ingredients.  Make your party a potluck competition.  Ask each guest bring their best appetizer and/or finger food then have everyone vote on their favorite dish.  You can also have people bring the recipes to share.  Make sure you have a fun gift for the winner, you know besides bragging rights.

Pot Luck football contest competition
From Dukes & Duchesses


Want more ideas?  Find us on Pinterest and see all the latest trends and the best ideas to create the best party on the block.  Your party doesn’t have to be elaborate to be fun.  Keep it simple but creative to get the best response from each and every guest.

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