Are you that guy?

Are you that guy?  You know the one I’m talking about, the thought of a full calendar jam packed with events over the next few months overwhelms you, makes you feel trapped and a little miserable.  It’s okay, it’s perfectly normal.  You’re a man of your word and you really don’t want to HAVE to do things when you need to unwind.  You just don’t like making solid plans and there is nothing wrong with that, despite what some might think.   In reality, it makes you truly honest to not make tons of plans just to turn around and break them. You don’t want to promise to be somewhere and then not show up or show up and not want to be there.  What if you planned to go to a movie, but it ends up being the perfect day to be out on the water?  Then you end up being the guy that is always flaking out and breaking plans.  No one likes that guy. is your saving grace.  You can now get together with your friends last minute, no plans needed.

Guy Traveling Alone

Keeping one’s word, doing what you say you will do and making a plan and sticking to it is definitely the popular choice, and makes sense when setting goals in life.  You would likely not have gotten through school, earned good grades, or earned that promotion at work without making a plan and setting short-term and long-term goals.  Our down time doesn’t need to mirror this, in fact, it needs to be quite the opposite.  When you truly think about how busy our daily lives are the thought of adding even more to our proverbial plate is exhausting.  Our schedules are jam-packed as-is and there really isn’t a need to ‘have’ to add more in your precious time off.  With a rigid schedule during the work week, your time off feels relaxed when it is far more spontaneous.  It’s relaxing to see open space on your calendar and know that you don’t ‘have’ to do anything.  It’s your time and whatever great things come up you can head out and join in on.  Otherwise, the days just run into one another.

Did you know that announcing your plans or planning too far in advance makes you less likely to keep those plans and even enjoy them?  I promise I’m not making this up.  Studies have been done since 1933 have shown that planning too far in advance for fun or leisure actually takes away from the fulfillment you are expecting.   Why, do you ask?  Because when you spend a great deal of time planning and preparing you are already expelling the excitement that should be reserved for the event.  Also by announcing these plans, you are satisfying your self-identity just enough that you will lose motivation.  The excitement begins to diminish 10% each day that you wait, leaving you disappointed in an event you expected more from.  Better to take a seize the day or live in the moment mantra!

So sign up for today, never miss the fun and never hate how you spend your time off.

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