Baltimore Bites- Jasa Kabob

This Indian restaurant is a new development, and has brought attention to the Baltimore Community very well. It has good, authentic Indian food, plus some Middle Eastern dishes. It is reasonably priced, and they deliver too! The dishes are delicious and the meal arrives piping hot.

The menu, as you can guess from the name, features mostly kabobs – chicken kabobs, lamb kabobs and seekh or even ground beef kabobs. You can also get a beef or chicken wrap, lamb chops, and specials. All of the items on the main menu come with naan, the Indian flatbread, rice, salad (normally tabbouleh) and a choice of vegetable.

For the fans of falafel (this includes me) – There are falafel platters with crisp-fried patties of spiced ground chickpeas. Falafel is a favorite street food in the Middle east and an excellent choice for vegetarians.

Most of the dishes on the main menu are enough for two pretty good meals.

Jasa Kabob is in a storefront tucked just south of Vaccaro’s on 0’Donnell Square. There is some seating for the eat-ins – the restaurant seats 20 or so, and a front counter for carryout orders. There is also a narrow side counter for additional seating. Jasa Kabob has a wide circle for delivery – as far as Bayview to the east and John Hopkins¬† Hospital to the north; all of Little Italy, Inner Harbor East, Fells Point, Greektown, etc are included.¬† However, there is a $9 minimum for free delivery!


Since things were pretty busy on the Friday, we had to wait in line, but it was definitely worth it! The order came right on time, hot and with utensils, napkins, and everything else needed to get right down to lunch.

  • Chilliheads should order curry, around about $8. The curries are all quire hot. People with more sensitive palates should order the beef of chicken wrap $9. They are well-seasoned and delicious, and with very little heat. I opted for this!
  • And for those who despise okra (I do!) for it’ slimy blandness should definitely order some at Jasa kabob. It is stewed to an al-dente state in a slightly spicy tomato and onion sauce, and oh-my-god, it’s perfect.

Okay – back to the kabobs! The kabobs are marinated, mildly spiced, and grilled; the meat is moist and well-cooked. The chicken kabobs are brick red in color. The lamb and beef are cooked through, but also very tender. The kabobs come with rice, naan, the Indian flatbread and vegetable.

The chicken tikka salad was mildly spiced chunks of chicken, served over a big salad of chopped lettuce, red onion and tomato. It was the perfect combination, if I must say so.

Bottom line: People who love Indian food will love Jasa Kabob, and need not worry about taking their friends who are a little dubious about food from the subcontinent.

This is the perfect spot to go with your family, your friends, your date or even by yourself! Whatever floats your boat…



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