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Haru Highlights: Canton House Crawl

Did you celebrate St Patrick’s Day?

Haru’ers everywhere aren’t stopping anytime soon so don’t hang up the green wear just yet. The latest Haru Highlight is the Canton House Crawl. This was such a great time.

Girl Dancing On The Street

First, the crawlers met for a few spirits to share some laughs and snap a few pictures. Then in classic adulting style, it was time to explore real estate and food! With 3 total houses on the route, the partygoers had the chance to stop at each home, explore all the decor it had to offer, enjoy some yummy food, and drinks to compliment each taste.

And just in case you were thinking “that’s it?” the party doesn’t stop there. Ending the tour of homes with a 3-hour block party to warm up for an evening out on the town at the Grunwald Club! This Haru deserves some recognition.

Canton House Crawl

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