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Cheers to the Craft Beer

Craft Beer vs. Other Beer

For some, beer is beer; purchased on a grocery store shelf or at the local gas station.  For others, it’s so much more.  A craft beer is one made in small batches with little to no machinery.  Meant to be sipped and each drop savored.  Everything down to the pour is perfected.  One could easily say it’s the equivalent of a home cooked meal or one prepared by a gourmet chef, depending on your preference.

Craft beer is the best beer

Why Craft Beer?

What makes a craft beer so special?  The personal touch. While you may have taken a tour of a brewery or visited an establishment with a wide variety of beer to choose from, craft beer still stands on its own.  It’s a one of a kind experience that can’t be replicated anywhere else.  Each establishment has its own unique blend that changes with each season each year.  Never repeating but always satisfying.

Craft beer is made is small batches

Wine’s new best friend

For those of us who just can’t really get into the wine community, tastings, and pairings, we don’t have to feel left out.  Craft beer can offer us an amazing tasting experience.  Many establishments have taken notice of this and combined wine tastings with beer tastings, with a selection that will tickle all your senses.  And if you are unsure where to begin you can take a quiz here to determine your beer type.  Bonus knowledge: craft beer contains more nutrients to include soluble fiber and B vitamins than wine.

craft beer in a flight

For me, I love an Oatmeal Stout, a German Helles, or a Crisp Lager.  But if you really want the full experience, a flight is the way to go.  A flight is a small sampling of each craft beer served at the establishment.  It’s a great way for everyone at the table to get a taste of each beer and decide what their favorites are before ordering a full sized beverage.

What was once seen as a cheap party beverage, likely worn on a helmet with straws or funneled, now has an edge of sophistication.  Sign up for Haru App now and stay tuned for the best craft beers around the country.


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