Don’t forget to have fun!

The older I get, the younger I feel!

It’s true, in my 20’s I was so worried about establishing a presence, being mature, making my place in the professional world.  I was once terrified to grow older, but I have to say it’s been a great experience.  The confidence of no longer worrying about what others think and the self acceptance is freeing.

With that I am having more fun than ever.  I never miss an opportunity to play with my children.  Playgrounds are not as easy for adults as they are for children.  I can no longer fly across the monkey bars or climb as effortlessly, but that doesn’t stop me.  Here are some great activities that you and your fellow grown up friends can participate in as adults and you don’t need to bring a kid to attend!

Trampoline parks!

Remember how fun trampolines can be?  Now there are tons of indoor ‘parks’ you can go to.  There are adult sections even so you don’t have to worry about crushing a little one.  In many places they even host workouts.  Can a workout get any more fun than that?!


You know those 4 wheeled shoes that came along before Rollerblades?  Roller Rings can be so much fun if you’re in the mood.  Usually full of top pop hits throughout the decades, carnival like food, and great company. Who knew skating in circles over and over again could be so fun?!

Color something.

Art class, coloring books, painting, all fun things we did as children.  Whether you are artistically talented or artistically challenged you can still have a great time.  Crafts are everywhere.  Get up on a Saturday and check your local craft store or even hardware store for fun products and crafts.  Many establishments offer a place to express this part of your creativity in the form of decorating mugs, and other pottery like items, simple paintings to create your own artwork, or even door hangers.  The possibilities are endless.

When was the last time you went to a bookstore?

Think back 10 years ago, when you wanted to read a new book or even just see what was out you headed to your local bookstore.  Spending hours browsing books, reading the first chapter, even leaving with 2 or more books that you couldn’t wait to dig into.  While most people simply order online or even get audiobooks, because who has time to read anymore, don’t forget those days of browsing bookstores.  Your friends will thank you for the last minute invite.

Offer to babysit for a friend who needs a break.

Kids are fun, they are even better when you get to play with them and give them back.  So offer to watch a friend[s child or take them to the park for a few hours.  You’d be surprised how fun it can be, especially when you get to hand them back to their parents tired and ready for a nap.

The truth is, as we get older we can easily forget how to have fun.  But don’t let this happen, it’s good for the soul to be silly and goofy from time to time and not take like too seriously.  There is enough stress in life to let it take over!  Use Haru App and take advantage of all life has to offer.

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