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East Coast Breweries

To continue our love of craft brews we want to take you on tour across the country to some of the best craft breweries.  Beginning in the northeast here are a few of our favorites.

Maine Beer Company

Maine Brewing Company is one I have yet to visit, but their website alone has won my heart.  A brewery started by two brothers who really loved beer.  Now, most would generally think you make a beer, build a brewery, sell it, make a profit.  Basically, that’s business, but they went a step further.  A brewery that uses solar panels and gives 1% back to the environment to make great beer without making a large footprint.  Stop by Maine Brewing Company’s tasting room 7 days a week to taste a sampling of their best recipes.

maine brewing company

Other Half Brewing

Created by three friends in New York City with one simple vision.  Make beers they would want to drink and a company they would want to work for; essentially representing the “other half” of the industry.  Continually striving to keep the industry moving forward the Other Half works to collaborate with brewers across the country and the world.  Open in the evenings on weekdays, and all day on the weekends this will quickly become your neighborhood spot.

Other Half Brewing

The Answer Brewpub

Making’s Great American Beer list two years in a row, The Answer Brewpub as unique as it is tasty; bringing award-winning food together with award-winning beer to ensure your taste buds are never left unsatisfied.  Where does this unique brewpub get its name?  Beer + Music = The Answer or Beer is always The Answer; quite clever if you ask me.

The Answer Brewpub

Funky Buddha

The name itself should let your imagination run wild, and The Funky Buddha lives up to the hype. Although it’s not located in the east coast, we couldn’t NOT mention Funky Buddha as one of our favorite breweries.  A new trend that they have mastered is combining not only food and music with beer but also exercise, yes that’s right, you can catch a yoga class in the tap room; giving their tap room a real community feel by having events for all.  Do you love Taco Tuesday?  Why not have it with craft beer?  This mindset is the essence of making beer more than just football and BBQs!

funky buddha brewery

Single Cut Beersmiths

The simple phrase ‘Mastery Knows No-Shortcut’ gives you the perfect impression of the Beersmiths from Single Cut.  The name itself comes from a body style guitar, and they really take their music seriously.  Complete with each beer’s clever name that accompanies a fantastic story.

Single Cut Brewmasters

The Alchemist Beer

A family run brewery, the Alchemist, is a 60 seat BrewPub with 15 barrels for brewing and canning line.  Keeping true to being a local BrewPub all beer produced at the Alchemist is distributed only within 25 miles of the establishment.

The alchemist waterbury vermont


Working to make their passion infectious to their customers, Aslin Beer Co. was started by three brothers-in-laws.  That’s right; they are all married to sisters which is where the name Aslin comes from as the girl’s maiden name.  With a mission to re-educate the palate and revive the passion for beer Aslin won’t leave you disappointed.

aslin beer co

Hill Farmstead Brewery

The history alone will draw you to this brewery; dating back 220 years and family owned.  The logo itself comes from the families great great great grandfathers pub that was located just a few doors down in the 1800s.

Hill Farmstead Brewery

The Veil Brewing Company

Ensuring that their taste is as unique as they themselves are.  Focusing on a hops forward flavor, remaining dedicated to quality and providing a unique experience for all.  This tasting room won’t leave you empty.

The Veil Brewing Co


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Please drink responsibly.



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