Haunted House Adults Only

Ready for Halloween 2017?

Remember the Halloween haunted houses from your childhood?  Usually they took place in the school gym or a neighbor’s house.  Your gym teacher would be wearing the same uniform they wore to the class that same day, just wearing a mask to scare you with.  There would be spaghetti noodles and ketchup staged to look disturbingly like blood and intestines, and all kinds of gross things to let your imagination run wild.  Well, this isn’t anything like that!

A Haunted House like no other

Instead, be ready to find yourself in a historical, theatrical, and completely entertaining haunt.  Drawing inspiration from true entertainment, ‘The Nevermore Haunt’ will leave you thrilled, shrilled, and chilled from head to toe.  You won’t find yourself chased by a man in a mask and a chainsaw, but rather you’ll be taken through a series of scenes and settings.  Using actors and props to truly frighten you.

Nevermore has truly thought of everything to make your experience enjoyable and to ensure a great night out.  Begin your evening in Fells Point with dinner and a drink or two.  Take it easy though, as they will not allow you to enter intoxicated.  After dinner, you can hop on the free (with purchased tickets) shuttle which runs every 15-20 minutes to transport you to Old Town and will bring you back to Fells Point.  No worries about waiting in long lines in chilly weather.  Once you arrive you can step inside, grab a drink and wait for your reserved time.  Get your tickets here.

Forget all you know about Haunted Houses

Once you enter, be ready for your senses to explode for the next 20-30 minutes.  Each room is filled with a gruesome scene brilliantly executed, no pun intended, by talented actors.  You won’t find yourself left out of the action as you become part of the scene. Yes, that means you will be touched and even thrust into the action.

Fear won’t be the only category for the evening.  Be prepared to also be entertained with comedy, drama, and even some mystery.  The history of the building alone leads many to believe it is haunted all on its own.  You can read more about the history that dates back to 1661 here.

This is the perfect time to sign up for Haru App and plan a great night out with friends.  Bring in the holiday season with an amazing interactive Haunted House. This is one Haunt you won’t want to miss!


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