Over dating sites?

Have you joined the world of online dating, tried your luck, gave it a shot?  There are endless commercials and advertisements urging you to try one site or another.  Download it on your phone and make it super easy to find that special someone with just one touch.  Online dating has come a long way.  In the beginning people would connect via ‘chat rooms’ long before the smart phone, Skype, and profiles!  Looking back throughout history, people have always sought different ways to connect, to meet people outside of their local setting, to expand their network.  From the days of pen pals to newspaper classifieds, these methods have constantly progressed with each new resource of communication that becomes available.  Now there are countless dating sites for every walk of life.  Farmers, those over 50, Christians, and so on and so on.

Do dating sites work?  Yes!  Have you met someone who met their spouse, significant other, life partner on a dating app?  Probably.  Or even better someone who knows someone who online dating worked for.  The inspiring stories leave one hopeful of possibilities, but you also know someone who lost a significant amount of weight on a highly restrictive diet that you did not have the same success on.  And while these sites work for some they are not one size fits all.  Let’s face it if it were that easy wouldn’t we all find true love on our smart devices?  Real life is a little more complex than that.

The internet has become a fast and preferred method of shopping, having your purchase quickly and neatly delivered to your door with free shipping and free returns.  With each passing year, more and more resources are quickly at our fingertips.  Economists estimate that by the year 2020 80% of American households will shop exclusively online and while this seems to make our lives easier online dating isn’t always as efficient or easy to deal with when the ‘product’ is not as described or pictured.

The flaw is profile dating and algorithm matching.  It comes down to whether or not someone is ‘good on paper’.  For example, I met my husband online using a dating site.  I found it to be like a Facebook for dating.  Looking through profiles, reading about people, deciding if you want to connect and hoping they weren’t weird or that their profile picture was at least real.  Imagine taking that pressure away, finding people to connect with the possibility of meeting that special someone.  What’s even better is that you will start as friends so if romantic feelings don’t progress you haven’t lost anything, only gained a great new friend who shares your passions.  Haru App is here for you to discover and find all life (and love) has to offer.

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