New to the area, traveling on business, or just want to meet some new people with similar interests? Haru App is for you. Haru (HHAARuw), the Korean word for one day or short time, allows you to connect with people who share your interests and passions on short notice. Whether you are looking for a workout buddy, dining companion, or just feel like being social, you can find them here with little to no prior planning.

Feel like grabbing sushi after work? Turn to Haru to find others who are as spontaneous as you are. With the busy lives, we all lead Haru will help you keep up with ever-changing schedules and make the most of each day. Last minute trip to the park with the kids? Turn it into a last minute playdate and find other moms and kids to play with! This gives you the control to gather your friends in close proximity while maintaining simplistic privacy not offered on general social media sites.

Our passion is connecting you with others who share your passion!

Go on… Sign up for Haru now. 🙂