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Q&A with Fleetstreetwriteup

Meet Rachel, a Baltimore-based blogger specializing in food, events, and restaurant openings. She shares some of her favorite spots in Baltimore and gives us her thoughts on the changing Baltimore food scene.

Your favorite restaurant in Baltimore?

Ekiben in Fells Point. Even though it’s a fast-casual place it’s one of the few places in the city that i think explores flavors and textures outside the western palate. My favorite sandwich from Ekiben is the Baltimore Bird which is a Taiwanese curry fried chicken thigh in a bao bun topped with spicy mayo, pickles and fresh herbs. It’s delicious and the texture is always on point.

(source @EkibenBaltimore)

Favorite thing to do in Baltimore/ DMV area?

Eating and restaurant hopping! I have a list of places I want to go depending on the city. I also love coffee and even help run a Baltimore community coffee/beer group called The Baltimore Brew Club.

Where do you recommend to go for a first date?

Hershs. It’s an Italian restaurant specializing in small plates and Neapolitan pies. The ambience is really romantic and there are string lights everywhere. Also, it’s really nice to share small plates and you can talk about the foods that you share! One dish I really recommend is the octopus. It’s so tender and juicy. Then, I would head over to Blue Bird Cocktail Room for drinks. They are really creative with their drinks and are always coming out with something fresh and different. The ambience is also very dark and moody- super romantic. If you are a literary book nerd, it’s perfect for you.

How did you get into food blogging?

People kept asking me for places to eat! I already had a hobby of trying different eateries and figured that it would be more convenient to write it down on a page to share publicly. Although now, my page has evolved since then.

(source @fleetsreetwriteup)

Where to go for GNO?

Walter’s Inn in Canton is my go-to. It’s a karaoke dive bar that opens 7 days a week and you can’t sing Journey until midnight. But I like it because the whole crowd hypes you up and its such a positive and fun environment. Shots are also cheap and they are really strong so you won’t need to spend too much money for a great time.

What is the current climate (situation) of the food scene in Baltimore?

It is definitely still evolving and is still experimenting with different types of cuisines. Baltimore is starting to get into the food scene and there’s a lot more non-western cuisines being introduced. But there is definitely a battle between blue-collared food/new American food vs.  upscale dining/non-new American cuisines and also the struggle of new American restaurants trying to survive.

People from outside the city are coming into the city to open up new restaurants. The people who already work in the city have to compete with the new cuisines or techniques being brought in. I’m hoping this competition will challenge, push, and motivate those working in the restaurant/food and beverage industry to improve their techniques and think outside the box.  With that said, I believe that Baltimore’s food scene will improve.

How do you HARU?

On the weekends, I love going out to DC and northern VA to explore the food scene there. Also enjoy meeting other food bloggers and exploring new places with them! Maybe we can get a group together in the near future on Haru!


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