Reinventing your social life

All your hard work has paid off

You got the promotion in a new city and now you get to start over in a new city.  It’s exciting and something you have worked hard to achieve, but this can also be a little scary.  Not only are you starting a new job, but in an unfamiliar setting.  No more favorite restaurant, no more local gym, no more company softball championship.  They were good times, but now it’s time to find new adventures.  Here are a few tips to get you started on reinventing your social life.

Be a tourist

At least for a little while.  Visit all the sites as you would if you were on vacation.  While you may be amongst other actual tourists, you will learn a ton about your new city.  And take the time to tell everyone you meet that you just moved to the area, especially the employees and tour guides.  It’s their job to be a wealth of knowledge about your new stomping grounds and they will be excited to tell you all about the best places to visit, as well as give you the lowdown on where the locals frequent.

Become a regular

Make sure when you go to local hotspots “everyone knows your name”.  It may sound a bit cliche, but why wouldn’t the wait staff know your favorite dish, or the post office know your monthly delivery of wine is late this month?  People love to share and when you take a second to show interest they will reward your kindness by sharing the ins and outs of your new local happenings.

Stand out

Embrace being the newbie in each group.  Expect to hear a lot of “so tell us about yourself.” The best way to handle this is to give a brief synopsis and redirect the conversation to get to know all your new friends, and not have to repeat your life story too many times.

Join in on work outings… even if it’s not your scene

While in your past area you were a part of the company softball team and bowling league, that may not be the thing in your new city.  Bond with those you work with by joining in on the things they like to do together.  Remember: new city, new job, new things, means you need to let go of what you used to do and embrace new activities.  Maybe this new group enjoys pub runs or arts and crafts.  While it may be out of your comfort zone, if you don’t try you’ll never know and could really be missing out on some great times.  After all, it’s more about the people involved than the actual activity.

Ask the locals

People really identify with their city and/or state and love to tell others all about it.  Listen and take it all in.  Depending on whether you have moved from the east to west, north to south, or smack dab in the middle things are all done just a little differently.

Use HaruApp

Haru is your best tool to get out and meet new people in your area.  Forget all the long, planned out events.  You just moved & have a ton to do!  When you Haru you can fill the pockets of your day, share your time, and never miss the chance to share your passions.

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