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What to do as an empty nester?

The term “empty nester” used to target a sad time, a life transition people dreaded.  Times have changed drastically.

Most empty nesters in 2017 had children before the age of 30, allowing children to fly the coop before their parents reached the age of 50.

Approximately 95% of empty nesters aged 40-70 said that they were excited to have more personal time.

For the first time in a long time, you find yourself with time, not only a day or a week off just to return to the grind. Sure, the day can be bittersweet, but you can’t deny your excitement for this new chapter.

Your new found freedom might feel a little foreign at first, but all too soon this will become normal.

You’ve worked hard and accomplished much. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself, take your time, don’t rush things and really take a moment to stop and smell the roses.  It’s your chance to really find out what your passions are and meet others who share them.

What did you enjoy before children?

1. You can go to the movies and see whatever you want. Remember that classic car you sold in exchange for a family friendly vehicle? Now you can restore a vintage car back to its original glory. Learn to relax again, take a load off, and enjoy the slower pace that life has to offer.Vintage Car


2. Stop putting off all those things you’ve said you “always wanted to try.” Like that painting class, you have always been curious about. I mean, you did get an “A” in art back in college.Man Painting


3. Do something fun and even a little crazy. Go bungee jumping, water skiing, or ride a scary roller coaster. Put your hands in the air and feel the excitement!


4. Travel.  Take those day trips you always wanted to. Now, you can decide on a Saturday morning to just take off with little to no responsibility and zero planning.Traveling


5. Start a side hustle. Drive for Uber or fill those empty rooms with your own Airbnb.

The possibilities are truly endless and can stretch as far as your imagination will allow! Sign up for HaruApp and make the most of every day.

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