The secret life of an introvert

The introvert and what you may not know

An introvert and extrovert walk into a bar… no, this is not a joke. The extrovert is immediately energized, taking in all of the people, their senses heightened. They immediately cannonball into the action. The introvert, on the other hand, needs a minute or maybe 10 to take in all the madness. They need to evaluate the temperature, energy, and a plan of action. The introvert will test the waters before jumping in.

Introverts and extroverts are the categories we lump everyone into. You are either one or the other, cut and clear. Extroverts are the life of the party, friendly, and in the center of it all. Introverts are labeled as shy, quiet, and wallflowers. But in actuality, there is so much more to the introvert than most realize.

the secret life of introverts

Introverts are actually not shy in the true meaning of the word, even though that may be the initial assumption. Rather, they process things in silence, making them seem shy. They evaluate before they act. Instead of operating on instinct, they operate on logic and usually after much thought.

While an extrovert can feel energized being around a large group of people, charging their batteries and sparking ideas, an introvert needs solitude to energize and refuel. This should not be mistaken for being anti-social or a “loner” as some describe.

The old joke goes, “how does an introvert make friends? An extrovert met them, liked them and befriended them.” All of us extroverts need introverts in our lives. An introvert will pick up on things the extrovert is too busy overlooking.

extroverts ensure that introverts are included

Why should you pay attention to introverts?

While introverts are quiet in large groups, they are the people who are observing and taking everything in. Introverts miss very little and their opinions should be valued. They are your observers.

Introverts run into the same problems over and over again of being misunderstood. Always fighting the label of being a pushover or rude. An introvert isn’t quick to smile at everyone they see or be the first to reach out and initiate conversation.

Introverts see what extroverts miss

Social Media has changed things for the introvert.

Take my friend Alissa. I was looking for a makeup artist for some upcoming events and found her online. I emailed and booked her without us ever talking on the phone or in person. She came to my house the day of my event and did my makeup; she was super sweet and very funny. Looking at her with her makeup perfectly done, dressed to the nines, and an immaculate manicure no one would ever guess her an introvert.  When you meet someone who presents a polished physical appearance one automatically assumes them to be an extrovert, sociable and if not, then they are labeled as rude, stuck up, etc. Had it not been for social media and the ability to contact Alissa for her services in a manner that was comfortable for her.

Social media has changed things for introverts

How introverts can be social in peaceful settings

The Bookshop is the perfect place for the introvert to recharge in quiet solitude while still being in a public place.  Amongst others who seek solitude, but not complete aloneness.  Bookshops tend to be quiet, provide refreshments, and comfortable seating.

reading at the bookstore can be rejuvenating

Parks; enjoying the outdoors, taking in all that nature has to offer, finding your own little spot to enjoy the day.  Not only can an introvert observe those around them, but do so without any judgment from others.  And let the mind wander and explore new destinations.

parks are great for people watching
City Park

Cafes; one of the many places where a table for one is the norm.  With a book or electronic item, you will be fully armored against too much socialization.

Coffee shops are warm and inviting
Coffee Shop

Yoga; group exercise classes can be loud, busy, and very interactive.  Except for the yoga class, the one place where you will unwind and decompress in a room full of people without any interaction.

Yoga produces energy for all who participate

And last but certainly not least Haru App; set those social activities up in the most relaxed and casual way imaginable.  Use resources like Haru and you just may have everyone fooled!


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