Silver and Gold Friendships

The saying goes

Have you ever heard the song about friendships?  Not the TV show, even though it’s the best.  But rather the one describing old friends as gold and new friends as silver.  It goes…

“Make new friends, but keep the old, one is silver and the other gold…”

A quick backstory

At the age of 36, I can say I am still friends with my first friend ever.  We were born 9 days apart and lived just 5 houses from one another.  We went to preschool, elementary school, middle school and even graduated high school together.  I am also still friends with many of the people I grew up with.  In fact, I lived in the same town until I was 22 years old, the same house even.  People still go by that old house and visit with my dad, it’s a sweet little comfort zone.  It wasn’t until I had the opportunity to move overseas that I left my little comfort zone of lifelong friendships.

I had never been away from home, it was scary, but exciting, that wonderful nervous excitement when you are embarking on a new adventure with endless possibilities and you have absolutely no idea what the outcome will be.  At first, I was pretty sad, it took 3 weeks to get my phone set up to even call home, mind you I had never been away from home or even lived on my own.  Let’s just say this was before the days of “there’s an app for that”, I mean we are talking VHS video store rentals.  My hairdryer didn’t even work due to the voltage being different… I learned that the hard way.  Have you ever seen a hairdryer explode?!

The struggle was real

Meeting friends in a foreign country was a little strange, really, just figuring out how to buy fruit was difficult.  You have to weigh it and print out a label before you get to the register!  I was so thankful everyone was so understanding, especially the restaurant servers, you are not supposed to tip and you order everything at once in the beginning!  I struggled as I’m sure most do in a new environment so different, but I made friends the old-fashioned way, through work, walking my dog, and my neighbors.  Great friends that I am still in contact with today.

Jump ahead to the present time and I’ve still moved around quite a bit.  It’s been fun and each place has given me the opportunity to meet great friends that have quickly become more like family.  However, it wasn’t until my most recent move that it all happened quickly, yet remained authentic.  Something as simple as Haru App made this most recent cross-country transition so seamless.  I became familiar with my new area quickly and fell into an easy routine full of friends and fun.  It felt like I was meant to be here and someone had been saving me a seat all along.

Never stop making friends

You can have lifelong friends, cherish them and the history you have, but take my advice and never stop making friends and meeting new people.  Your life will be enriched beyond belief.  Everyone you meet has something wonderful to offer and complacency is truly the end to the adventure.   I learned something pretty amazing.  Friendships, true, solid friendships can stand the test of time and distance, new friends can become just as important and everyone can easily intertwine.  It’s said that friends are the family we get to choose.  Never stop adding to your “framily”!

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