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Haru Highlights: Canton House Crawl

Did you celebrate St Patrick’s Day? Haru’ers everywhere aren’t stopping anytime soon so don’t hang up the green wear just yet. The latest Haru Highlight is the Canton House Crawl. This was such a great time. First, the crawlers met for a few spirits to share some laughs and snap a few pictures. Then in classic adulting style, it was time to explore real estate and food! With 3 total houses on the route, the…

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Haunted House Adults Only

Ready for Halloween 2017? Remember the Halloween haunted houses from your childhood?  Usually they took place in the school gym or a neighbor’s house.  Your gym teacher would be wearing the same uniform they wore to the class that same day, just wearing a mask to scare you with.  There would be spaghetti noodles and ketchup staged to look disturbingly like blood and intestines, and all kinds of gross things to let your imagination run wild.…

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