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East Coast Breweries

To continue our love of craft brews we want to take you on tour across the country to some of the best craft breweries.  Beginning in the northeast here are a few of our favorites. Maine Beer Company Maine Brewing Company is one I have yet to visit, but their website alone has won my heart.  A brewery started by two brothers who really loved beer.  Now, most would generally think you make a beer,…

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Cheers to the Craft Beer

Craft Beer vs. Other Beer For some, beer is beer; purchased on a grocery store shelf or at the local gas station.  For others, it’s so much more.  A craft beer is one made in small batches with little to no machinery.  Meant to be sipped and each drop savored.  Everything down to the pour is perfected.  One could easily say it’s the equivalent of a home cooked meal or one prepared by a gourmet…

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