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Maryland’s Best Hiking Trails

We are deep into the beautiful spring season and its officially hiking season again. Luckily, Maryland offers some of the best hiking trails for all levels and we would love to share some of our favorites with you. Appalachian Trail The Appalachian trail is a beautiful 40-mile route along the backbone of South Mountain. The trail is popular for 3-4 day hikes where you can opt to camp outside in designated camping areas. However, there…

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Reinvent yourself and your time

What to do as an empty nester? The term “empty nester” used to target a sad time, a life transition people dreaded.  Times have changed drastically. Most empty nesters in 2017 had children before the age of 30, allowing children to fly the coop before their parents reached the age of 50. Approximately 95% of empty nesters aged 40-70 said that they were excited to have more personal time. For the first time in a…

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Why Haru App Is Different

More than social media You probably use social media the way many of us do.  It’s there to make your life easier, share experiences with those you don’t get to see on a regular basis, keep up with the latest and greatest.  Social media has evolved greatly since its beginning, in some ways good, but in some ways, it’s lost its way.  While it’s changing the face of marketing and business, allowed entrepreneurs to market…

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Summer in D.C: 5 Free & Almost Free Things To Do.

Who doesn’t want free and affordable summer fun in the nation’s capital? There are lots of exciting recreational options to choose from in the District that won’t affect your wallet. I came up with five things you can do, and make the most out of your summer vacation in Washington, DC. First of all, let me just tell you guys that there are attractions you can visit with a discount. You can get up to…

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