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All the Single Ladies

If you read the title and didn’t sing the Beyonce song, then we can’t be friends!  Just kidding, but I will need to enlighten you.  So much has changed for women over the last 50 years and I have to say it has left us having a lot of fun with unlimited choices.  Single women no longer go to college to meet their husbands, we go to become educated and to fulfill our dreams. Remember the…

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Military Life and Making Lifelong Friendships

“Military life is having a plan. Then a new plan. Then another plan. Then the first plan. Then a brand new plan only to go back to the 2nd plan.” -Author Unknown “Instead of traveling, we’ve decided to try to live everywhere for a few years at a time.” -Author Unknown “Around here we don’t look backwards for very long… We keep moving forward, opening up new doors and trying new things.  Because we are…

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