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All the Single Ladies

If you read the title and didn’t sing the Beyonce song, then we can’t be friends!  Just kidding, but I will need to enlighten you.  So much has changed for women over the last 50 years and I have to say it has left us having a lot of fun with unlimited choices.  Single women no longer go to college to meet their husbands, we go to become educated and to fulfill our dreams. Remember the…

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The Social Media 360

Social Media’s Social Role Social media has easily become a staple in our daily lives.  It has made it easier to communicate quickly, send and receive messages in an instant, stay up to date with family and friends far and wide, and increased our social reach. Businesses no longer are limited in their reach, the news is a constant stream and information is never past our fingertips. While social media has done many wonderful things…

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