Reinvent yourself and your time

What to do as an empty nester? The term “empty nester” used to target a sad time, a life transition people dreaded. ┬áTimes have changed drastically. Most empty nesters in 2017 had children before the age of 30, allowing children to fly the coop before their parents reached the age of 50. Approximately 95% of empty nesters aged 40-70 said that they were excited to have more personal time. For the first time in a…

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The Dating Debacle

Dating life The single life, we have all been there at some point or multiple points in our lives. Everyone is so interested in your single life and when you will no longer be single. They even want to help you end your single streak and join the ranks of coupledom. ┬áLike it’s a secret club that you have yet to gain entry to and once they joined it, became their mission to secure your…

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