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East Coast Breweries

To continue our love of craft brews we want to take you on tour across the country to some of the best craft breweries.  Beginning in the northeast here are a few of our favorites. Maine Beer Company Maine Brewing Company is one I have yet to visit, but their website alone has won my heart.  A brewery started by two brothers who really loved beer.  Now, most would generally think you make a beer,…

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Maryland’s Best Hiking Trails

We are deep into the beautiful spring season and its officially hiking season again. Luckily, Maryland offers some of the best hiking trails for all levels and we would love to share some of our favorites with you. Appalachian Trail The Appalachian trail is a beautiful 40-mile route along the backbone of South Mountain. The trail is popular for 3-4 day hikes where you can opt to camp outside in designated camping areas. However, there…

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5 Ways To Improve Your Monday

Monday’s Ugh A case of the Monday’s? Ugh, it’s just another Monday.   The weekend just wasn’t long enough.   Mondays are just plain tough. After a weekend of relaxation, being away from work, and off a rigid schedule getting back into the swing of things can be painful. Most of us start to feel the stress of it as early as Sunday evening and the anxiety of a hectic week to come can be…

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