The Dating Debacle

Dating life

The single life, we have all been there at some point or multiple points in our lives. Everyone is so interested in your single life and when you will no longer be single. They even want to help you end your single streak and join the ranks of coupledom.  Like it’s a secret club that you have yet to gain entry to and once they joined it, became their mission to secure your membership.  It goes something like this…

“You dating anyone special?”

“You’re still single?  I have the perfect person to set you up with!”

“You’re just too picky, stop looking for perfection, it will never be perfect.”

“Don’t give up, it’ll happen eventually.”

“Don’t worry your time will come.”

Make it all stop

You’ve heard it more times than you can count!  You ‘should’ find the one, you ‘should’ be dating, you ‘should’ be out there meeting potential suitors. Feel like everyone is ‘shoulding’ all over you?  There is no doubt that the pressure to date, find a mate or partner in life is overwhelming.  Everyone is always so interested in what and when you will make the commitments they have made.  It’s even come down to you making up witty comebacks to just get them to leave you alone.

Online dating doesn’t have to be complicated

The world of dating and meeting ‘the one’ has changed drastically over the years of social media and online networking.  Once upon a time, you met someone at work, school, through a friend, almost by complete accident.  Over the years, thanks to the internet people are finding their happily ever after in all new ways.  The usual hangouts have become exhausting, almost a cliche that you no longer wish to be part of.  Bars become loud and dirty and motive unknown, but the pressure and uncertainty can be overwhelming.  Each dating site seems to have a stigma attached and cater to one type of person.  All driven towards an older demographic, farmers, Christians, etc.  You need to fit a specific mold to and so does the person you wish to meet.

Which one is the best?

Which one is safe?

Which one will attract the kind of people you are looking to meet?

Don’t stress

Each question comes down to just simply meeting people who share your interest and passions. Haru App is your source for making new friends, dating and maybe even finding that someone special.  For those who feel that we are no longer meeting a lot of new people and have hit a dead end in the dating pool.  If your daily routine is, well, routine, then it’s the perfect time to change things up and add something new.  A new hobby or even an old hobby you’ve lost touch with.

We’re here to help

It all comes down to changing things up a bit, getting out there and getting involved in the things that truly make you happy.  Connecting to the life you were meant to lead and being excited about your daily activities.  Because the only way to ever truly be happy with someone else is to first be happy with yourself.

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