Top Baltimore Escape Rooms

Escape Rooms: Don’t miss out on the craze.

Unless you have been living under a rock or living off the grid as this generation refers, I’m guessing you have at heard of the newest craze known as escape rooms.  But just in case you’ve missed the headline let me set the scene.

How it works:

You and a group of friends or strangers enter a room and are immediately locked inside.  Escape Rooms can be set up in a variety of ways, an old library, a simple living room, or the zombie apocalypse and the world is depending on you to save it. The possibilities are truly endless and as the popularity has grown so has the imagination of these rooms.  Some even bring in Hollywood set directors to creatively bring the stage to the next level and further entice players.

Players usually have one hour to investigate and use clues in the room to free themselves and their team. Everyone has to work together and use the imagination to dissect the riddles and in some cases a maze to navigate.
Seems exciting, doesn’t it?  This is diversity at its best, showing players the value each individual brings to the puzzle.

The teams can be various sizes, anywhere from 2-10.  You can go alone and make new friends or plan a fun group outing.  While you don’t win money or prizes I think we can all agree bragging rights are enough satisfaction.

Pick your favorite escape room:

Here are the most popular escape rooms in Baltimore.

Baltimaze Escape Rooms:

One of Baltimore’s most popular and highly rated escape rooms. Baltimaze has three rooms available.  Ex Machina, which is set up as a Victorian house with a vault players must crack to escape.  The Gallery: find the missing artist.  The Study: a secret agent mission. To keep things interesting these are changed up every few months with the option to rent out the entire venue for your next event or office party.  Throughout the remainder of summer 2017, consumers can take advantage at the reduced rate of $24.50 per person.  Here’s a little secret, if you sign up for their emails you get 15% off!

Escape It Baltimore:

Putting players in more familiar settings like a hotel suite, elevator, and even a common lobby. Cost varies depending on room choice and time of day.  This can range from $26-$30 per person.  The true difficulty lies in figuring out how the most basic of items can be used in the most intricate ways imaginable.  Nothing is as it seems, that book on the shelf could be a lever to open a secret passage or a hidden safe with clues inside.  Seems intriguing yes?

The Elevator at Escape It
The Elevator at Escape It

Charm City Clue Room:

Choosing a more historical theme these rooms are dripping with history. Jump on the B&O Railroad and stop burglars from robbing the train.  Explore Edgar Allen Poe’s study to travel back in time and use clues to uncover the true cause of his mysterious death.  A death that is still an unsolved to this very day.  The Spy Room, stop the double agent who stands to compromise your colleagues’ identities.  At $29 per person, this will be the classic evening you have been looking for.

Charm City Escape Room
Charm City Escape Room with only a 35% success rate challenges players to dig deep

Lock N’ Key Escape Room:

Perfect for first dates, birthday parties, and corporate training.  Check out the latest in the Escape Room craze.  Adrenaline chasers used to look to bungee jumping to fulfill their need for risk, now it’s the mental adrenaline that thrill seekers crave.  Individuals can expect to pay $28.50 per person or reserve a private room for $250 allows up to 25 people to play.  And it promises to be worth every penny.

Baltimore Escape Room
The perfect first date outing. See how well you work with someone from the get go


Taking a more Hollywood movie adventure theme, Escape 45 takes you into an imaginative adventure that will sharpen your senses and refine your reflexes.  Want to stage a jewelry heist without the risk of jail time?  Here is your chance to experience the rush without the risk or you know being a crook.  Find your way out of a haunted cabin and face your largest fears, like a haunted house but it’s not over until you solve the mystery.  Players can expect to pay anywhere from $35-$45 per person with group discount rates available.

Escape Room Baltimore jewelry heist
Be part of a jewelry heist with a true Hollywood set up

As you can see these escape rooms are filled with excitement, intellectual intrigue, and mind bending games.  So now the question remains, what are you waiting for?  Plan your escape room visit today.  Sign up for Haru today and share your new passions with friends new and old.  You too will find the mysteries hidden within each room.

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