Who has time to plan?

The struggle is real

Okay moms, let’s be real!  When was the last time you had the time to sit down each week and plan out activities and playdates?  I mean the intention is always there, right?  I find that I’m mostly planning the things I have to do, the groceries, school, sports, taking the dog to the vet.  By the time I get my head on straight, everyone fed and happy the day is almost gone.

This morning, for example, we got out of the house much sooner than usual and I was pleased to find that the stores were almost empty, then over to arrange summer camp, etc, this all went much quicker than expected, mom win!  On the way, out my daughter asked: “are we going to go play now?”  And this was the moment that I realized we had 2 hours to fill before our next commitment.  I didn’t want to go all the way home, unload everyone, just to keep them busy for a bit before loading back up.  I had several options, but I knew she wanted to play with some friends.

Haru to the rescue

With Haru App, this could have gone much differently. I could have run over to one of the local fast food play places, found a local park, walked around Target (who doesn’t love shopping with friends?)!  In all these cases I could have just opened Haru App, marked my location and sent it to only my friends not the entire public like some other sites offer.  I get the choice and that’s one of my favorite things.

As any mom would tell you that the dream would be to have some daily options outside of all the mundane daily tasks.  As creative as I try to be each week, I depend on other moms to come up with ideas for the kids and ourselves.  The statement “2 heads are better than 1” is even more relevant when you have mom brain!  It’s real, trust me.  Depending on the weather, distance, and the kids’ moods, having nothing set in stone really reduces my stress level overall.  Keeping things casual and going with the flow is the way to stay sane as a stay at home mom.

Roll with it mama

Many times, I’ve found that when we have some spare time or need to wait for our next event/task we’ll make a quick stop at the park and this seems to be true for other moms as well.  Wouldn’t it be great if you could just open an app and find out where the closest playdate is?  For all you know a local mom friend is wondering the same thing at the same time but, as we all know, by the time you send out a group text you’ve wasted most of the time you had.  So great news, just use Haru App.  Get up, get out and get going.  Mark your location, choose your audience, and boom!  Playdate!

While it’s great for the kids to get to play, it’s so so important for us moms to get that adult interaction.  Never discount your need for this.  You need some time with someone who understands why your 3-year-old isn’t wearing matching shoes and why you’re on your 3rd cup of coffee and it’s only 9 am!  Any stay at home mom knows it’s easier to just keep it simple and focus on keeping the kids happy.

Haru App is your go-to resource to organize those last minute playdates and really take advantage of each and every moment of every day!

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