Why Haru App Is Different

More than social media

You probably use social media the way many of us do.  It’s there to make your life easier, share experiences with those you don’t get to see on a regular basis, keep up with the latest and greatest.  Social media has evolved greatly since its beginning, in some ways good, but in some ways, it’s lost its way.  While it’s changing the face of marketing and business, allowed entrepreneurs to market in all new ways, small organizations now have the ability to reach a larger audience, it seems to continue to leave the average person out.  While using social media is fun, it’s come down to your information being hidden, buried and never seen.  Confusing algorithms decide if what you’ve written or announced should be seen by those you are connected with.  And unfortunately, if you really want your audience to see what you share you have to pay or use the right keywords!  Too confusing!

How Haru Works

Let’s just dive right in.  At first glance, you may wonder what’s different about this app?  I’m here to tell you Haru App is what you have been waiting for.

  1.  Haru App keeps up with your fast-paced busy life. It’s there for you to take advantage of each and every moment you have.  Why wait in your car playing on your phone when you could instead connect with friends nearby or find someone new who shares your interest and passions.
  2. The average person doesn’t have time to plan multiple events each month.  Events take planning, organization, time and leave one person responsible for all the details.  Even if no one shows up that one person can get stuck.  Planned parties are great and can be tons of fun, but they can also be exhausting.  Instead, now you can get together with friends and others who share your interest and passions with far less stress, minimal planning, and much more fun.
  3. The core of Haru is plain and simple.  Meet others who share your interest and passions, whatever they may be.  You don’t have to stick to a list of hobbies, categories, or check a particular box. There is no swiping left or right, winking or poking at people, or being lumped into categories that may or may not fit.
  4. Haru is for everyone and everybody.  Whether you are looking for groups with a similar interest or individuals Haru App is where it’s at.  All limitations have been erased.

Expand always, in all ways

It comes down to not limiting yourself to one activity, one group, one category.  Sure, you may love to run and a running club is fun, but if it’s not the only thing you love to do, you can simply meet a friend who likes to run but might also like to see a movie.  Each person you meet has so much to offer you, so many new experiences you might not otherwise learn about or experience and the world is filled with them.  That’s where passion meets excitement when you are open to exploring your passions and taking on new ones.  Don’t let life be grouped into specific categories.  Never stop trying new things, new experiences and learning about new people!

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